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Ok hands up all you culture vultures, history buffs and archaeological geeks who just love marveling at really really old buildings, things and dinosaurs? Yap, that makes like maybe a total of 5 including us. Well, yes, part of why we love travelling is to learn about things that have happened in the past in different parts of the world and experience how history have shaped how we are today. But if we were completely honest, often times, it takes a really engaging guide to deliver these information and make sure they stay in our heads forever. Especially when the names of people, places and events are foreign - that becomes twice as hard!

So when we stumbled upon Beyond the Castle, we just couldn't wait to get going. Castello Sforzesco is a huge medieval castle in the city of Milan, Italy and is home to a few important historical and art museums. We won't bore you with the historical timeline of this building, obviously because that would defeat the purpose of the entire first paragraph, but suffice to say, Beyond the Castle will be an experience that will make you remember this castle for good.

It begins with a brief tour of one of the towers in the west wing of the castle. The tour affords you views of the city and the castle that is usually not seen with the standard museum visits. Here the guide will introduce you to a short version of the architecture and historical significance of the castle before you are ushered into a space within the tower. And, ta-daa, the main event takes place. Put on your Virtual Reality (VR) goggles and travel back in time to the fifteenth century where you will get to defend the castle using the weapons of the time.

It's an interactive storyline where you will learn how to use bow and arrows and handgonne while the narrative includes information about the castle and life during that historical period. Other than getting into some war action with Leonardo Da Vinci's military inventions, you will also get to take a quiz about what you have discovered about the castle. And don't worry if you are not Legolas, the VR experience has a tutorial on how to use the weapons before sending you into war! (Read, we obviously did not know how to work a bow and arrow!)

The entire thing takes between 40 minutes to an hour including the Hi-s and Bye-s with your guide. Wear comfortable shoes and get ready to for a fun way to experience a historical architecture!

Beyond the Castle

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