Serica - meeting of two food cultures

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

A very new restaurant that has been making quite a buzz for its interesting genre of cuisine, Italo-Cinese, Italian meets Chinese. We often approach fusion restaurants with considerable hesitation, there's always the question of execution and finding that fine balance between preserving the authenticity of a dish and its intended innovative elements.

But what's life if we never seek out new adventures? And so we find ourselves in Serica, a small and intimate new venture with chef Chang Liu leading the kitchen, whose shy geeky appearance belies an interesting vision in whipping up Italian-Chinese-inspired dishes. Having found himself training in the kitchens of Daniel Boulud and René Redzepi's Noma, holding up under Cracco's pressure in the Italian version of famed tv series Hell's Kitchen, Chang then spent three years in Tokuyoshi - Milan's Michelin-starred Italian-Japanese establishment.

In so many ways, the dishes worked. Perhaps, it's the similarity in flavors, or just relative rendition of recipes. A dumpling instead of a ravioli, a bao instead of bread, pasta instead of noodles - elements that criss-cross yet come together in fine dishes executed in a delicious manner without losing the very essential heart-warming feel-good vibes that define both Italian and Chinese cuisine.

Must try dish: Wonton - tortellini stuffed with parmigiano cream served with seasonal truffles

Serica viale Bligny 19/A, Milano tel. +39 02 4978 2736

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