On the Pinchos trail (or pintxos if you want to be Basque about it)

(did you get the pun we tried to make in the title? never mind, silly us. :D )

In the old town of San Sebastian, there is a whole world of good merriment to be had especially when the sun goes down. This involves a lot of jostling around with people, making gestures with your hands, angling for the best looking piece of pinchos and balancing your wine glass without tipping it over onto the next person passing by.

Not to go into too much details of what a pinchos is (versus a tapas and all other versions in different parts of Spain), suffice to say, it is a bite-sized dish meant to be eaten on the go or just as an accompaniment to your glass of wine. With some stellar recommendations from local insiders, we've compiled a small list of the local joints in the center of the old town highlighting their signature dishes.

The idea is to skip dinner, put on your comfortable shoes and go hands-free (ladies, leave the handbags). Follow the map, stop at every joint and have their signature pinchos and a glass of wine (or half - share it with someone). It's kinda like the Simon Pegg's The World's End movie where he goes on this pub crawl mission to have one drink at every single bar in his hometown. The bonus is that the alleys in the old town is home to some gorgeous architecture of old buildings and historic churches as well as street art so you get to marvel at some culture and heritage along the way.

By the end of this, we assure you that you would have tried some top-notch local delicacy, drunk some gorgeous deep local red wines, and most definitely made some new Spanish friends (hot Spanish barmen, anyone?) Let us know how it goes! :D

1. San Telmo: Tortilla de patata (Spanish omelette)

2. La Vina: Cheesecake

3. La Cepa: Ham, stuffed pepper and sheaf.

4. Martinez: Stuffed zucchini with seafood, stuffed pepper with tartar sauce.

5. La Cuchara de San Telmo: Foie gras with applesauce, creamy risotto.

6. Gandarias: Sirloin, Russian Salad.

7. A Fuego Negro: Mini burger.

8. Atari: Hake fish with vegetables.

9. Sirimiri: Iberian pork with apple puree and fried leek.

10. Astelena: Veal cheeks

11. Txepetxa: Anchovies with spider-crab cream.

12. Tamboril: Mushrooms, stuffed pepper.

13. Ganbara: Mushrooms, puff pastry of Chistorra sausage.

14. Casa Urola: Octopus skewer.

15. Borda Berri: Veal cheek in red wine sauce.

16. Paco Bueno: Coated shrimp

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