On the Hunt: Milan's new hot spots

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

Milan’s swanky new spots for SS2020 fashion week (read: is it really 2020 already?!)

Arriving into the mod city for men’s fashion week this June? Beat the sweltering heat and the ‘first-timer’ (also the tourists) crowd by making a beeline for where the real-deal is. Skip the tried-and-tested, the old establishments and hang where the in-the-know Milanese are flocking to.

Salumeria Mazzone 1972 (aperitivo & dinner) Its nearly all-female team (with the exception of a very lucky Luca at the gastro-bench) lends a touch of warmth to the service. Focusing on the best of cold cuts, salamis and wines from various regions, the bistro slash restaurant is best for informal and intimate occasions. Sommelier Lorena Oddone has a penchant for wines from the south of Italy, let her amaze you with her repertoire from volcanic terrains. Must try: anything that the owner Cristina recommends. (via Roncaglia 3)

Nebbia (dinner) We’ve been here discreetly several times to indulge in just ONE dish accompanied by a glass of wine before heading on elsewhere. That one dish is a very noteworthy foie-gras on toasted brioche topped with caramelised onions. A proper sit-down meal here is of course, quite warranted. A seasonal menu with plenty of surprises, we’ve most recently had a sumptuous 1.1kg Tuscan steak and we’ve heard stories of an entire leg of lamb (charcoal grilled) making an appearance at the dining table. Sommelier Marco Marone has got the low-down on a wine list that is concisely inclusive. Tip: Bring your friends and get the special. And don’t miss that ONE dish. (via Evangelista Torricelli 15, +390282781557)

Mater Bistrot (aperitivo & dinner) Grungy, punkish, and purveyors of natural wines. (yes, yes, yes) Creative cuisine with lots of heart. Bone marrow or tacos for appetizers to edible gardens and delicate seafood for seconds. It’s like bringing the best of fine cuisine and giving it a steadfast rebellious edge. Head straight for the bar top seats to watch the kitchen in action while sharing some ‘natural wine’ knowledge bombs with sommelier Riccardo Meconi. Tip: don’t let your children browse the menu (why are you travelling with kids on fashion week, anyway?!) (via Pasquale Sottocorno 1)

Insieme Restaurant (dinner) Decidedly a little bit more composed but still full of the bright-young-thing energy, the highly-curated menu changes to the whim of owner-chef Alessandro Garlando and the abundance of the season (but of course). Excellent seasonal ingredients lead the cuisine here, shining with bursts of flavours and minimal fuss. Co-owner Federica Caretta mans the front-of-house with her soft-spoken ease. Tip: note the design-oriented interiors and gorgeous ceramic plates by local artisan Franco Fasano. (via Giovanni Rasori 12, +393917182416)

Aperitivo at Identità Golose If you don’t already know, then here’s the 5-second brief on Identità Golose. A conceptual restaurant that regularly hosts celebrity and Michelin-starred chefs from around the world in a set-menu format. Basically, a roundtable to allow diners a taste of the chefs’ signature experience. But that’s a story for another day, this fashion week, drop in for an intimate meeting or rendezvous over aperitivo at its glasshouse terrace, open only during the warmer months. Interesting cocktail concoctions by Luigi Barberis paired with a not-to-be missed savoury Baba with sundried tomatoes before you paint the town red. Tip: cocktail hour everyday from 6 to 8pm. (via Romagnosi 3)

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