Calanques National Park - Marseille, South of France

A kayaking adventure out in the open sea! The Calanques National Park (calanques - the French word for 'coves') is a protected area designated in 2012 covering over 520 square kilometers, of which over 80% is marine area. The coves are great for those who love hiking and adventure biking - it is home to about 900 plant species, the Bonelli eagle, and Europe's largest lizard and longest snake. But of course, we had to go out into the water cause that's our thing!

The kayaking experience here is a little different as you actually do row quite a bit into the open sea to get from one cove to the other. Depending on the weather and the wind, the water can get quite choppy - which is quite a fun challenge provided that you have your life jacket and emergency precautions in place. The coast guards are a constant presence as there are quite a number of kayaks, stand-up paddle boarders and little boats that occupy the route that takes you to the popular coves where you can dock and relax.

On our 10km kayak which took up pretty much the whole day, we got to see the rugged cliffs and rock formations of the cove while taking dips in quiet bays. If you are pretty confident of your fitness level, going out at your own pace is a great idea but otherwise, there are plenty of guides who will tailor an experience for you. Try them out, Destination Calanques

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