24 Hours in Luxembourg

The Grund, the heart of the city, is a UNESCO World Heritage site that sits on the banks of the Alzette River and is just so incredibly pretty. A fairytale, almost. Best explored by foot but you can also hop into a lift. Lots of bars and cafes here, so heads up to you night owls!

Once you've checked into the historic Grand Hotel Cravat and freshened up, it's time for a drink at their beautiful bar.

Am Tiirmschen is one of the few restaurants serving traditional Luxembourgish fare. The cuisine is difficult to pinpoint but it's a mix of German, French and Belgian. Nothing fancy, just hearty peasant fare.

Kniddelen are little dumplings very similar to Swiss spaetzles and you can toss them with any sauce of your choice - our favourite being cream and bacon, just the one it's originally done.

The Cathedrale Notre-Dame is right around the corner from the Grand Hotel Cravat. Built in 1613 originall as a Jesuit church, it is now the only cathedral in the city. Pop over after a leisurely breakfast.

Before you head off, tuck into a pate au riesling. A typical local dish of coarse pork pate or terrine, covered in Riesling-flavoured aspic and baked in a pastry. AKA, very delicious meatpie.

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