An evening stroll through Kuala Lumpur

Playing tourist in our backyard as we reveal some of our favourite pit stops in Petaling Street. We got quite a bit of loving from our Insta-story edition so we decided to give this little stroll a permanent home here on our site!

More than just cheap knockoff bags, Petaling Street has loads to offer for those willing to dig a little deeper. It's a bustling little enclave filled with interesting bars, cafes and incredible local food.

Kim Lian Kee Hokkien Mee is one of the oldest Hokkien Mee restaurants in Kuala Lumpur - it's over 80 years old! A solid delicious version of this noodle must be fried in a giant wok over huge charcoal flames. If it glistens with dark gravy and is loaded with crispy fried pork lard, you know you got the real thing!

From dinner to supper to post-clubbing wee hours of the morning, you will always find something to warm your belly here.

Botak Liquor Bar used to be a former brothel. It is now a beautiful speakeasy featuring unique botanical-infused cocktails. Try the Jasmine & Tarragon gin cocktail.

And when the sun sets, check out the new River of Life project, a City Hall initiative to reconnect our beloved Kuala Lumpur city with the river and her people.

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