The 5* Ikea

Now that I’ve got your attention and have suitably horrified the PR peeps at the Intercontinental Robertson Quay, please continue reading. Because there is a very good reason to my title.

To be fair, this is possibly not a true 5* if compared to the likes of your Park Hyatts, Mandarin Orientals, etc. This one presents a cosier, more stylish proposition. Even borderline hipster, thanks to its proximity to nicer bars and restaurants in Clarke Quay.

But the rooms win it for me. They are not huge but it’s wonderful. Lots of space to knock about and lots of cosy (see, there’s that word again) corners to curl up in. I love me those palatial suite-like rooms in some of those 5* hotels but you do feel a bit lost in them sometimes. For two, it’s perfectly fine but you must quite like each other.

Now to the layout. Remember those showcase rooms you see in Ikea where they give you ideas on how to organise your space. Well, this looks like one of them... in elegant, dark muted colours and (much) nicer linens. And while you might thumb your nose at the idea, I urge you to reconsider. There is something to be said of a hotel that knows how to use their space efficiently. It is amazingly thought out - there are shelves where you need it, plug points where it’s most needed and... I could go on and on. But it really is best experienced.

The deli serves up delicious fare - American-deli inspired with their burgers and avocado toasts. The bar cum restaurant has some really yummy cocktails and a lovely space to unwind over easy drinks. You’re also a 5min walk away from Clarke Quay. There is a quaint Japanese izakaya-like restaurant on the 2nd floor but I wasn’t up for an omakase so decided to give it a skip. The fish looked really good though.

Service is pure Singaporean efficiency and surprisingly friendly! I would definitely give this one a go, if you’re in the neighbourhood.

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