Kanpai Milano

Kanpai - bringing a slice of the gritty Izakaya (but done pretty stylishly) to Milano.

The Japanese frenzy is hitting an all-new high lately in the Italian fashion capital of Milan and it's a much-awaited change from the usual fare. While traditional-style Japanese restaurants have firmly made their mark around the world, many of them award-winning, the new wave of exports revolve around the Japanese version of the aperitivo - sake and small dishes.

Those familiar with the culture will know of the little hole in the walls and the neighbourhood bistros that are quite similar to the English version of a local pub. Make your way in, grab a seat at the bar and the order of the night will be the host's favourite sake and small home-cooked dishes that the kitchen fancies.

Kanpai, under the direction of female chef Jun, is aiming exactly for this vision though in a more polished and modern setting. We are, after all, no longer in the small back alley of Kyoto but in the heart of the fashion capital. With stylized interiors drawing from a futuristic version of Japan, an impressive list of sakes, and some well-executed dishes, Kanpai seems to have hit the spot. For that, we rate it as a great place to convene with friends and try out something different for the evening.

Kanpai Milano

Via Melzo 12, Milano.


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