Bandol Sur Mer - the fuss-free Michelin experience

It's a small dining-room with four tables and sits maybe a total of fifteen people at one go. But it's not the hush-hush white table cloth kinda scenario that you would expect from a Michelin-starred place. The French bistro-vibe is strong - complete with oddities as furnishings (three TVs on the wall for no reason, hello?) and dishes scrawled all over two huge chalkboards.

On arrival, we nearly went into the wrong restaurant - Bandol is right next to 3 Minutes Sur Mer - its brasserie sister establishment. After some pacing up and down the street, we came across a dark curtained door and noticed the dim Bandol sign right above it. Cue to those visiting the place for the first time, it is right next to a fruits and vegetables grocer.

The small space with an open-kitchen means there's a lot to see and smell and hear at the same time. The floor was serviced by a one-woman show who saw to all our needs and more! The menu is seasonal, of course, with a format of two tasting menus to choose from but it is also flexible in its entirety. The tasting menu serves just as a guide, ultimately you can choose what and how many dishes you want to have. We absolutely fell in love with the food because it was such a light and modern take on traditional French ingredients and cooking. The wine selections were also very interesting - emerging and new French names meet Northern European vineyards. We highly recommend this spot the next time you are in Berlin.

Bandol sur mer

Torstrasse 167 10115 Berlin

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