How to Pee in the Snow (or just in the wild)

If there is one thing that we are often conscious about on our adventures, is to be mentally prepared to be able to pee anywhere. Since we are often out in the wild or close to nature where flush toilets (or even makeshift toilets) are not available, we just have to make do and answer nature's call right out in the nature!

On our jaunts out in subzero temperatures, it proved to be quite a feat mainly because we had so many layers of clothes on. One interesting episode was when we were camped out under a hill for lunch break from dog sledding. We had set the dogs free so that they could relax too but that proved to be a bad idea when one of us had to pee. As you know, animal instincts kicked in and the usually well-trained dogs just couldn't stop sniffing around while the peeing was happening. On top of that, we were trying to get into a decent position to pee while holding on to about a hundred layers of clothes that we had taken off AND to do it quickly before we started freezing since we were now quite literally buck naked.

That was quite an experience, of course, and, no your pee doesn't turn into icicles the moment they leave you!

Things were a little bit easier when we travelling across the Gobi Desert in Mongolia but also due to milder temperatures. It was autumn and the terrain was still dry and windy. All we had to do was to hop out from our car, go behind a bush and enjoy the view while you are it. There was an audience on some occasions - namely the grazing herds of goats and cows - who thankfully are not as curious as the Artic dogs.

Useful things to keep in mind while packing for your next adventure; wet wipes, hand sanitisers and disposable undies. If you can get comfortable with this, you are pretty much ready to be one with the wild!

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