Brasserie Fritz

On the last evening of 2017, you might've noticed on our Instastories that we were invited to preview a new dining experience in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. So we couldn't resist the invitation to revisit and check out the full menu for ourselves when the opportunity came up.

Brasserie Fritz is the brainchild of Christian Bauer and Eddie Chew - names behind some of Kuala Lumpur's most iconic restaurants including the Troika Sky Dining group and Mr Chew's ChinoLatino. But unlike their more swanky establishments, Brasserie Fritz presents a warmer and cosier proposition.

On the seriously extensive menu are crowd-pleasing favourites such as good 'ol fish & chips, confit lamb shoulder (it's an impressive 1.5kg so bring an appetite and friends!) and our personal favourite, bœuf à la Bourguignonne. Flavours are kept deliciously simple but with a slight twist - the fish & chip batter, for example has a hint of tandoori spices and comes with a bracing cucumber raita. Sounds odd but a good accompaniment. Desserts follow the same thread of simplicity - a boozy pineapple rum baba and a peach melba with the loveliest homemade strawberry ice cream. Make sure you save space for them.

We were told Bloody Marys were the specialities of the house and at the time of writing, there were five on offer. We had the pleasure of sampling two - one that came with shavings of crispy duck bacon and another fiery version with habanero. But the reason why we stopped at two was because there were wines and bubbles to be had! And the duo are known for their innovative wine lists. In keeping with the theme of simplicity, we opted for bottles of Fleurie - a style of Beaujolais known for it aromatic nose and silky texture. Easy drinking.

The space is beautiful and gloriously Instagram-worthy with its elaborate use of marble, exposed brick walls and soaring high ceilings. The nattily-dressed staff are a tad shy but are obliging and eager to please. While we were there, they performed their tasks admirably, although we did hear the clattering of a few dropped cutlery. We put it down to nerves.

They open bright and early for breakfast (7am, we were told) and close late for those night owls looking for a hearty supper. We're looking forward to more meals there already!

Brasserie Fritz

Ground floor, WOLO Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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