Bar Brutus

We did a little trek over icy roads some 10 minutes away from Oslo's center and as we began to encounter more and more stores selling ethnic food stuff, we knew we were on the right path! Set in the the edgy residential area of Tøyen - home to Jo Nesbø's character Harry Hole and most of Oslo's immigrant population, Brutus is as laid-back as a food joint as it comes. As you push open the doors into the dimly-lit restaurant, the space welcomes you with casual furniture, urban wall-art and exposed ducting pipes covered in skateboard brand stickers. The all inked-up restaurant staff looks more in place at a motorcycle club but don't let appearances fool you, service and cooking skills were top notch.

We sought this under-the-radar place out for our keen interest in wines and insatiable appetite for food (i mean, you know this already..)

And boy, did it deliver in spades. Run by former Noma sommelier, Brutus specialises in natural wines and ciders (not to be confused with the bio stuff). We probably drank some of the most interesting wines we have ever tasted at this place, and most possibly due to the fact that we weren't familiar with natural wines so we just let the sommelier pour his pickings. For those who are interested, here's a link to the difference between natural wines and organic/bio wines.

Food is New Nordic - think Icelandic flatbread with goat's cheese and potato with pickled Japanese knotweed. The dishes are small and executed to bring out different flavour combinations and derives from local seasonal ingredients. We especially loved the fish tartare.

Bar Brutus Eiriks gate 2 Oslo, Norway.

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