A piece of home

This fall, we are feeling a little nostalgic for home. Those of us who have been on an expat career path for as long as we can remember may feel it a little more and while those who have just embarked on this journey might still be enthralled with new cultures, the calling of the comforts of home is always there.

But the definition of home has always been up in the air, and especially now in the times of the new-age order where identities are no longer defined much by geographical origins. Perhaps the most accurate definition of home now, is the most emotionally and physically secure place that you feel at any moment in time. For some, it could be your studio apartment overlooking the Mediteranean coast while for the others, it’s that vacation rental in the middle of the trail hike in Vancouver.

Wherever it may be, how do you imprint part of you into the space that you call home? Without a doubt, a person’s living space speaks volume about their habits and preferences. It is easy of course, to plan a grand scale of your dream home when there is certainty that it would be a forever home but as the new nomadic tribe, how do you make every changing living space your own?

With the blurring lines of design, we have come to realise that a little bit of fashion and ID goes hand in hand to define us. With the gorgeous hand-painted lamp that comes with you to every new country coupled with the knit sweater that drapes the back of the lounge chair, this scene that greets you every day when you open your doors could be your stake on your space.

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