Plush Knits

Every time autumn comes around, there's really just that one thing that we all love to give into – drinking a cup of hot cocoa while snuggled in some really comfortable knits. The enveloping silhouette is flattering and gives an instant classy touch that is suitable for almost any occasion depending on how you decide to style it. We love knit-dresses for their versatility to take you from work to after-hours while sweaters in different cuts make for good mix-and-match separates. With a pair of boots, the look is feminine while a pair of sneakers will take you to the edgy hip side. A great sweater will last you over the years especially if you give it the proper TLC in between seasons. Though if you are not sure if you are ready to splurge, we've got some affordable alternatives for you to try on!

This post is part of Twenty30Forty's style contribution to GLAM magazine in Qatar.

#fashion #knits #autumn

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