Turkish Delights

When wading through throngs of visitors at Istanbul’s Spice Market, all clamoring for the stickiest Turkish delights and finest tea leaves, you will eventually come to a discreet corner devoid of crowds.

Charming little ceramics depicting whirling dervishes dot the display window of a small

rustic shop – completely unassuming with staff whose soft murmurs contrast the lively ambience of the market. The little appointment, called Sufi Art, offers an insightful look into the work of artists and craftsmen from all over Turkey — many skilled in traditional Turkish handwork of ceramics and fine jewelry. Founded by Yusuf Kaya six years ago, the shop is an extension of his business in authentic Turkish carpets, all in the promotion of local talents to a wider audience.

Turkish ceramic masters Nuray Ada and Ismail Yigit are among the artists whose work can be found in Sufi Art, along with the abstract representations of painter Cemal Toy and Hidayet Sen. Meticulously handmade decor in Turkish patterns make for great gifts while the fine jewelry collections from emerging designers are truly one-of-a kind pieces that embody the spirit of the historical city of Istanbul. “The store is a reflection of my love for my homeland,” Yusuf says. “Where else would you see all major religions coming together?” Sufi Art is located at 45, Misir Carsisi. www.sufiart.net

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