The Palomar

Always keen to try new cuisines, we couldn't resist when we read about a very hip restaurant in a not so fancy part of London that has been all the buzz with foodies. Hearty food alla grandma's from Jerusalem? Yeah sure, hit us up!

Thanks to the Internet, we secured our reservations in advance to beat the long queue that had formed outside the restaurant even before they open for service. (hint: seriously, the Internet is awesome for making reservations at popular restaurants these days!)

We got seated at the bar, which is our favourite spot to be at most restaurants when dining for two, as it always allows for interaction with the team. But here at The Palomar, it is almost necessary to sit at the bar to experience the whole fanfare. The food is undoubtedly good, in a belly-warming kind of way that just keeps you wanting more. It's like being at your grandma's place for a family gathering and you just can't stop dipping into the stew with the abundance of bread coming from the kitchen. Well, thank god this is a restaurant or we really would have polished off everything they had in the kitchen.

But it is the atmosphere and vibrancy of the team here that makes the dining experience memorable. The kitchen crew are yelling at each other, the maitre'd is crisscrossing the chaos to get to you, the plates come and go as you lick your fingers and the curated playlist of Brit meets indie pop music brings everything together. We came away tummy-full with happy smiles. That's what really defines a good meal, no?

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