Rye flour from Meyer's Bageri

One of us is a big fan of baking, me, Debrina. I keep a sourdough starter in my fridge at all times and putting it to good use when the occasion calls for a good hearty loaf or some old school pancakes. There's plenty of other ways you can incorporate them into other baked goods but we will get in that some other time. :)

Was on a trip to Scandanavia and had to make a pit stop at the famed Meyers Bageri in Copenhagen, owned by Claus Meyers (one of the owners behind the world's best restaurant Noma).

The bakery is famed for milling their own flour daily and baking a range of Scandanavian favourites like 100% dark rye loaves and crackers. They also have well-loved sweet breads and pastries, the cinnamon rolls usually sell out when they open in the morning. The flours they mill are for also for sale and I got myself a 1kg wholegrain rye bag and used it with spelt flour to bake one of my own usual weekly sourdough loaves. The total flour used was about 40% of the wholegrain rye, and 60% of spelt. The flavour really came through - rye lovers will definitely enjoy this.

Simple recipe ratio to go by:

200 grams wholegrain rye flour

300 grams spelt flour

350 grams water

Dash of salt

A dollop of sourdough starter

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