Matcha Greek Yogurt

We are quite obsessed with matcha, what with its nutritional properties and all that, but mainly just cause it imparts a really nice flavour to most food. We came up with a simple DIY by sprinkling a dose of matcha powder to Greek yogurt to recreate the texture of Matcha custard that is all the craze with baked goods in Asia. Greek yogurt (or Islandic skyr whenever we can get our hands on it) is a pretty staple food in our daily diet so it was the obvious choice! Give it a good stir in with some honey or calorie-zero syrup and you will get a good creamy matcha base to build your breakfast (or dessert).

Great topping ideas include granola, muesli, cereals, nuts or if you add a dash of cold milk of choice (soy, almond, good old cow's milk), you will have a delicious ice-cream-like dessert at hand!

#matcha #breakfast #snack #yogurt

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